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Frequently asked questions


Q: Do I get paid for an interview?

A: As within any setting job interviews are not paid for and are a requirement to secure the position.


Q: Do you pay mileage?

A: Estio only pay mileage if pre arranged for emergencies or if you are doing Homecare rounds. All mileage has to be agreed by the bookings team.


Q: Where can I find Policies and Procedures?

A: Please see below links for all Policies and Procedures

Medication Policy

Policies and Procedures Staff Handbook


Q: Who can fill out my timesheet?

AYour timesheet has to be signed by a manager, senior or person leading the shift.

If you are lone working the person who takes over the shifts can sign as long as they work for the company. If you can’t get your timesheet signed you must let the office know ASAP.


Q: When does my timesheet need to be in by?

A; The deadline for timesheets is 4pm on a Monday


Q: How do I fill out my timesheet?

A: please refer to your example issued at induction; all parts of the timesheet must be completed.


Q: How do I send my timesheet?

A: There is 3 main ways to send your timesheet all the contacts can be found at the top of your timesheet

             1 Text or Whats App

             2 Email 

             3 Fax


Q: What happens if I don’t get my timesheet in on time?

A: If your timesheet is late and you miss the payroll for that week you won’t be paid


Q: Do you pay holiday pay?

AHoliday pay is incorporated into your hourly rate; we do not pay holiday pay when you are off.


Q: Do you provide maternity pay?

A: If you are pregnant you must inform Estio immediately and we can explain what is needed


Q: How much notice do I need to cancel a shift?

A: As much notice as possible so that Estio is not letting our client down, please don’t accept a shift unless you are certain you can do it.


QWhat’s the pay rate for that setting?

A: please refer to your pay rates sheet you was given at induction, all settings are paid the same.


Q: How does it work with shifts-are they mainly ASAP’s?

A: Estio is an agency so we do have a mixture of shifts from asaps to a day in advance or a week. It’s up to yourself what days you work or what shifts you accept.


Q: How does a Temp to perm work (TTP) work?

A: A TTP is an ongoing position with one of Estio client where you will work set hours each week on a rota basis, to qualify for this role you must meet the client’s requirements and be fully flexible as you will work on a rota basis.

You will work through Estio for a set amount of weeks, so you will still send you timesheets to Estio and report any issues. After the set weeks are completed you will then transfer across to the client on a permanent basis and be employed by them. A TTP will also involve an interview with the client before you secure the position.

Please note while doing a TTP it’s your duty to inform the bookings team what shifts you are booked for week to week.